Laser assisted Root Canal Treatment


Endodontic Root Canal Laser Therapy

We are pioneers in providing our patients with Laser Root Canal Technology. We believe in innovations that help our patients to have a comfortable experience with us, pain free Laser root canal treatment is one such innovation. The effectiveness of this treatment helps in improving the way we perform root canal therapy.

  • Laser when used for cleaning and sterilization within the canals, burns any tissue left and hence increases the success of the root canal treatments.
  • It reduces risk of re-infection.
  • It is a minimally invasive technique which conserves the tooth structure.
  • High level of disinfection can be achieved in minutes, saving both the patient and dentist considerable amount of time.
  • Disinfection procedure can be done quickly.
  • Can be performed in single visit.

Laser Root Canal Treatment: Er:YAG