Rotary Endodontic

Endodontic procedure is commonly referred to as the Root Canal Treatment. Rotary Endodontic is a new method used in the Endodontic procedure. This procedure uses an electric hand piece instead of manual files which eliminates the drilling noise usually associated with Root Canal. Our dental professionals using the rotary procedure starts the root canal with administering a local anesthetic. Once the affected area is numb, the dentist will use the electric hand piece to drill into the pulp chamber of the infected tooth and scrape away the infection in your root canal. Once the entire infection has been removed, the dentist will protect your tooth by fitting it with a crown.

Root Canal Treatment Bangalore

The advantages of using this procedure are:

  • The use of the anesthetic and the hand piece makes this procedure almost pain free.
  • Eliminates the drilling sound.
  • Rotary Endodontic is a time saving procedure.